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Over 20 Years of Technology Experience

Conscious Networks optimally manages your technology operations, allowing you to focus on your business. For over a decade, the company has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes, prepare for high-performance operations in a technology-driven world that is undergoing a constant state of change. By providing solutions with your companies’ future evolution in mind, Conscious Networks allows you to adjust your technology to meet changing business needs.

Founded in 2004, Conscious Networks provides colocation, cloud services, professional services, and procurement management. With a focus on redundancy, uptime, compliance, and efficiency, the company has grown organically – thanks to customers that continue to trust the team of experts at Conscious Networks for technology operations.

Company founders Brent Doherty and Cory Horn gravitated to the IT industry separately over two decades ago. Each had developed an appreciation for how technology empowered productivity and efficiency.  As business owners, Brent and Cory intimately understand the important decisions every business faces regarding technology investments, productivity, and profitability.

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Our Unique Approach to Technology

The biggest challenge to integrating new technology in any business is understanding that not all technology results in more productivity. We recognize that one technology decision can have a ripple effect on your business – good or bad. A great solution for one department can cause integration issues or double-handling of data for another. The wrong technology can cost your business a great amount of time, money, and resources. So our technology advisors help businesses make better technology decisions that seamlessly integrate with your users, your clients, your infrastructure, and your business operations. We serve as technology advisors, first and foremost, while providing a wide array of technology services.

Our conscious approach to technology is holistic in nature. Our technology advisors help your leadership team find and evaluate technology options that will provide more efficiency, security, and integration, with considerations for your clients, users, and infrastructure. Ultimately, these decisions can also enhance productivity and profitability. Learn more about our leadership team below.

How Our Team Helps Customers

  • EXPERTISE: Conscious Networks provides you with a deep team of professionals with specialized expertise that would be nearly impossible to duplicate in-house.
  • PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Customers benefit from a focus on sustainable solutions in what is unfortunately, frequently, a band-aid-driven industry of temporary patchwork fixes.
  • HARDENED ENVIRONMENTS: Data center, cloud, managed services, and connectivity services are hosted and managed in one of the world’s premier data centers, providing unsurpassed security and resiliency.
  • OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE: Customers benefit from a commitment to industry best practices and high standards, supplemented with the knowledge of a staff averaging over 14 years each of professional technology experience.
  • THE LATEST KNOWLEDGE: You benefit from a team of professionals constantly networking with other uptime, connectivity, and security experts to share and obtain knowledge of the latest security protocols and best practices for uptime and availability.