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Cory Horn

Cory Horn



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Conscious Networks co-founder Cory Horn entered the technology world over 20 years ago from a non-traditional direction. Cory was engrossed in audio engineering and was amazed by the increases in profitability and performance when his company harnessed new technology. This interest in technology led to Cory being asked to informally advise on technology issues facing colleagues and friends in numerous businesses. His success in helping isolate technology solutions to improve efficiency soon led to a permanent career change, and clients have been benefiting from his knack for creating scalable, flexible, efficient technology solutions ever since.

In the subsequent two decades as an technology consultant and entrepreneur, Cory Horn has been involved in all facets of building and operating networks, from installing cabling years ago to designing enterprise infrastructure solutions today. Cory holds multiple certifications and has been recognized by numerous major technology manufacturers for his networking expertise. He leverages this technical knowledge on behalf of Conscious Networks clients by designing and implementing compliant, high-performance IT solutions that are stable, secure, and scalable.