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Technology and innovation drives business growth initiatives.  Many businesses dedicate a tremendous amount of time and resources to these two initiatives.  Innovation can be driven by demand from your customers, competitors, and internal staff; however, technology is the vehicle to this change. It may be challenging to predict these demands, so your business needs to adapt quickly.  Creating this type of elasticity is critical to long term success. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the biggest benefits to Outsourcing IT for agility and scalability.


Agility is described as the ability to move, think, and understand quickly and easily.  Many also use the term elasticity to describe a business’ ability to scale.  In business, agility is the earmark of your ‘competitive advantage.’   According to a recent Forbes report, a staggering “92% of executives consider agility to the most important characteristic of a successful organization and 84% agree that organization agility is necessary to succeed in digital transformation.”  The report further highlights the advantages of agility and impact of a business’ ability to:

  • Drive revenue,
  • Accelerate speed-to-market,
  • Attracting talent,
  • Meeting customer expectations.

Many organizations rely on strategic partners to help accelerate their agility and in many cases, this requires outsourcing.  Here are a few ways that outsourcing technology, in particular, can help a business become more agile:

  1. Outsourcing allows you to tap into very specific talent with a wider, deeper knowledge base.
  2. Outsourcing allows you to delegate tasks to free up internal personnel.
  3. Outsourcing allows you to scale human and technology resources up or down quickly. It creates elasticity.
  4. Outsourcing can provide quick scalability to meet peak demands of your customer base.

Not only does this process help a business become more agile, but it also allows leadership to focus on their core competencies as well, with a trusted business partner by their side.

Culture & Capabilities

Agility requires capabilities, culture, and strategic partnerships.  When outsourcing, it is critical to understand the capabilities and benefits of a potential strategic partner, but also how they can support your company’s culture and growth initiatives. Your leadership team must also embrace a culture of agility as this will serve as the foundation of success.  The same report mentioned above also highlights [on page 9] the 5 types of C-suite leaders you need to embrace cultural change.  Is your organizational leadership well-positioned for this type of culture?


Technology is agile, in and of itself.  It is a very disruptive world and technology is ever-changing.  For this reason, technology is not only the first service most businesses consider outsourcing, but also often the area with the most impact.  When you outsource technology to a trusted provider, you should be confident that they can:

  1. Participate in strategy and growth initiatives,
  2. Provide a high level of service to your user base (both internal and external),
  3. Be on the cutting edge of new technologies,
  4. Provide secure data processing and allow you to have confidence in your cyber security measures,
  5. Suggest technology solutions that don’t just solve a problem, but provide a holistic approach, to the overall business operations,
  6. Help reduce costs and impact productivity and profitability,
  7. Allow your executive team to focus on their core competencies.

Achieving greater agility is essential to business in the 21st century and technology is only going to become a greater part of that agility.  Conscious Networks provides a holistic approach to technology with a wide array of services as a technology advisor, Managed Services Provider, and end-to-end technology servicesSchedule a consultation today and outsource technology for agility!


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Cyber Security & Cyber Insurance guide cover

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