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Case Study PLZ aeorscience corporation logo

Case Study PLZ Aeroscience Manufacturing


As the North American leader in specialty aerosol product manufacturing, the PLZ Aeroscience family of companies specializes in the development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of a comprehensive line of contract fill, brand, and private label products. The company formulates, blends, fills, and packages more than 2,500 brand and private label products, including industrial solvents, lubricants and degreasers, adhesives, sanitary supply disinfectants, insecticides, cleaners, polishes, air fresheners, and personal care products.

Issues to Be Resolved: During the implementation of SAP for complete enterprise resource planning a complete virtualization project was underway. The virtualization was of all servers and desktops. The desktops were to be deployed as XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Performance across less than optimal and would cause daily work stoppages during a 4-9 hour window.

The First Date: The SAP development company knew of Conscious Networks and in frustration, called Conscious Networks on a Sunday. By Thursday Conscious Networks had PLZ’s systems up and running.

As a result, Conscious Networks was asked to a complete system review, make recommendations, and implement those recommendations.

The Solutions: Conscious Networks is responsible for all technical operations to include software versioning, patch levels, and infrastructure management.

  • Data Center Operations & Management: The company’s on-premise data center was designed and managed by Conscious Networks.
  • Cloud Services: Conscious Networks provided cloud services for the far-flung operations of PLZ Aeroscience and offered critical services including monitoring and patch management. Virtualization utilized Citrix, including XenDesk (VDI) to all facilities via the central data center.
  • Networking: Conscious Networks configured and maintain a virtual private network (VPN) utilizing a variety of Internet Service Providers. A MPLS network residing on AT&T infrastructure was implemented and scaled according to the varying needs of PLZ Aeroscience.
  • Consulting and On-Site Professional Services: Conscious Networks offered full-time onsite staffing, with three technologists, two Tier 1 and one Tier 3. In-house HP servers and switches were managed by Conscious Networks, and the company advised on the proper utilization of the specific instances of equipment.
  • The Results: The integrated solution developed by Conscious Networks led to uptime measured in years, a reduction in technology staff requirements, a reduction in technology footprint, and increased employee productivity.

Executive Quote: “We brought in Conscious Networks due to a SAP implementation that was failing. They quickly took on escalating levels of responsibility and the result was a tremendous improvement in performance and importantly, our manufacturing uptime. After suffering nearly daily service interruptions (usually only 12-27 hours of system uptime), Conscious Networks brought the company to a point of a full year of uninterrupted uptime. The positive financial impact on these production improvements was enormous.” (Mark Zerler, Director of Information Systems)

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