SkyLink Aviation


Introduction:  For over 25 years, SkyLink Aviation’s mission has been to provide aviation, logistics and support functions to governments, government contractors and commercial customers worldwide. SkyLink utilizes a large variety of aircraft and resources and its customers rely on its expertise, professionalism and ability to support specific requirements by building robust infrastructures to exceed the highest service standards. SkyLink offers safe, reliable and flexible service in the most austere environments specializing in “last mile” transportation.

Issues to be resolved:  The Toronto-based company needed to network the Canadian corporate headquarter together locations in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Toronto, Tennessee, and Northern Virginia, a daunting task given a lack of internal IT resources.   SkyLink wanted to analyze the potential of virtualization and other technological advancements but they had just hired their third Chief Information Officer in 18 months and the lack of continuity led to some issues requiring outside expertise.

First date: SkyLink Aviation had conversations with a data center colocation provider, but the services firm was a wholesale provider and the companies jointly determined through the discovery process that SkyLink would be better served with a company with more of a focus on managed services and multi-location connectivity.  The colocation provider recommended Conscious Networks to handle the SkyLink’s far-flung infrastructure, networking, and cloud needs.

Solutions:  With such significant turnover in their technology staff, SkyLink relied heavily upon Conscious Networks’ expertise in structuring the proper technology solution to fit their unique needs.  Solutions, all hosted in the Conscious Networks data center, included a new Exchange platform, a new file server, a new virtualization server, and data migration onto the new systems.  An enhanced networking solution pathed the way for enhanced performance with different locations interacting from thousands of miles apart.

Executive Quote:  “Supporting the aviation and logistics of US Federal Government, its agencies, and other governments is a significant technological challenge.  Downtime and connectivity issues are not an option. Conscious Networks proved to be the perfect partner to optimize the technology production of our locations throughout the world, architecting, implementing, and managing a highly desirable solution for Skylink and our  partners worldwide.” (Hung Nguyen, CIO)

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