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IT Architecture and Consulting Technology for Business

At Conscious Networks, we help businesses of all sizes make better technology decisions for your business.  This may include serving as your outsourced CIO, technology consultant, or analyzing your network infrastructure.  We can provide guidance to your C-suite on major technology strategy and capital expenses.  We can also provide support to your internal IT staff to create redundancy, 24/7 help desk support, or backup and recovery strategies.

Our team can evaluate your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and create cross-collaboration, especially in hybrid work environments. We specialize in zero trust architecture systems.  We can work with your leadership team, internal IT staff, or you can outsource your technology challenges to us, as a single-source provider. Our goal is to help you utilize technology to grow your business.


The Benefits of Working With Conscious Networks

We utilize a holistic approach to technology which is, quite honestly, a different approach than most technology advisors. While we are true geeks at heart, we are also business owners. We understand the delicate balance between costs and productivity. We consider your entire business operation when making the best technology recommendations, based on your available budget and resources. Isn’t that a fresh approach to technology consulting?

Development & Implementation of Your Vision

Your IT architecture is the backbone of productivity, but it’s also the foundation for business growth. We consider your vision and make recommendations based on current needs and future growth requirements as well.

Zero Trust Architecture

By creating a zero trust architecture, we help you create a higher level of security for your data, your users, and your entire network infrastructure. This approach goes far beyond protecting your network and is comprehensive, intelligible, scalable, and actionable.

Outsourced CIO

We work with the C-Suite to develop technology strategy and implementation for business growth initiatives. With a thorough understanding of your existing processes and systems, we can make recommendations for improvement and the best technology to support your goals.

Conscious of Your Changing Needs

Your business needs to change over time. We often suggest minor tweaks to improve performance and efficiencies or sometimes recommend major overhauls to really take your business and operations to the next level. We offer you a single-source provider with 24/7 support so the buck stops here, regardless of which technology or solution you choose.

Responsiveness & Access

We provide direct access to our team of U.S. based engineers and technology experts who know your infrastructure. We realize that that when you have questions or challenges with technology, you need answers now! Conscious Networks has created a reputation for responsiveness based on this single core methodology and it’s far different than a typical call center approach.


We analyze your current systems and infrastructure to identify where there are opportunities to maximize profitability and enhance long-term efficiencies.

Large Experience for Small Businesses

Now small businesses can access the technology and resources that were previously only available to larger organizations. We have the large business experience many small businesses need

Holistic Approach

We consider your entire business operations when recommending any new technology or processes. We also consider your future growth initiatives so that you can make decisions based on short-term goals and long-term growth.

We Offer Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat,” according to Steve Jobs. We see that as a great way to begin the conversation on IT infrastructure. This can be a complex conversation or a simple solution. Either way, we work side-by-side with you to enhance opportunities to grow your business. Would you like an assessment of your IT architecture? Start the conversation today.

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