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What You Need to Know About IT Outsourcing

When it comes to Outsourced IT services, the decision on which technology company to use is a big one!  After all, your technology partner will need to help you plan and grow your business, anticipating new technology, processes and procedures that will not only enhance efficiencies, but impact the profitability of your business.  As your go-to technology advisor, Conscious Networks can help by taking a holistic approach to your technology systems and processes with considerations for your processes, business goals, and integration strategies.  We’ve provided multiple resources below for you to consider as you search for a reputable, reliable, outsourced IT provider.  Most importantly, you’ll want a partner that will help recommend, implement, and integrate technology with consideration for your business today and in the future.

We understand that business owners and C-suite executives often struggle with the decision to outsource information technology services.  While IT Outsourcing can provide a plethora of benefits, this decision must be weighed carefully to ensure all of the pros and cons are considered.  Conscious Networks can help you consider the costs, risks, and rewards.  Our holistic approach to technology ensures that we don’t just solve today’s problems, we help you plan and prepare for future needs to help you stay competitive and keep your data and intellectual property secure.

Your business’ technology is the key to your success.  Let’s start the conversation today!

outsourcing IT

Should I Outsource my IT?

Conscious Networks provides a holistic approach to technology designed to meet your business needs today and plan for the future.  Outsourcing your technology is a big step.  Some providers have core competencies in very specific areas, while other providers, like Conscious Networks, have a depth of talent and resources in a wide array of technology services.  You may be wondering:

  • Will it cost me more to outsource technology?
  • Can I keep some in-house IT personnel?
  • How can I determine which provider has the talent and resources to help my business grow?
  • How much of my technology can be consolidated under one provider, for cost savings and accountability?

These questions, along with the suggestions below, should be asked and answered to ensure that you are making wise and informed decisions.  Outsourced IT for small business may have different considerations than an enterprise organization.  That’s where our role as a technology advisor can help you the most!  After all, no matter what size your business, outsourcing can make a lot of sense!

A Wide Array of Technology Services

Conscious Networks has extensive experience and a wide bandwidth of services to offer our clients. As a technology service provider for DaaS, IaaS, CoLocation, data centers, and cloud services - you can rely on us to keep your business up and running - and well positioned for future growth.

24/7 IT Support

While many outsourced IT service providers can provide technical support, it is important to ensure that your IT provider is able to clearly communicate with your end users, technology team, and executive team. Conscious Networks U.S. based technology team can and will provide a higher level of support than many other providers for this one reason alone.

Endpoint Security

Your devices and the employees who use them include mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more! Endpoint security can be the biggest vulnerabilities in many enterprise networks. Can your outsourced IT provider ensure that cloud applications and data are secure on all devices? Can they assist with training and phishing campaigns to ensure compliance?

Backup & Recovery Plans

Keeping your business up and running, while protecting your data, is the first priority for any technology initiative. Our backup and recovery systems provide redundancy, forward-thinking strategies, and even incident response drills to ensure your data can be quickly and effectively restored. Our team is able to review everything from servers, databases, and enterprise applications to endpoint security, mobile devices, and cloud applications. You can rely on us.

Software Recommendations

Do you use an off-the-shelf (or cloud-based) software to meet a specific challenge or need? Is that particular software still needed? Have the user licenses expanded, or has the product been upgraded for more options? In some cases, a trial version converts to an annual license and is completely forgotten and businesses see a creep in monthly software fees over time. Unfortunately, many of these costs go unchecked and newer technologies may actually be more effective. We can help you evaluate your current software and/or make recommendations for enhancements.

Hardware Recommendations

Whether it’s a laptop, server, printer, or other piece of hardware, the annual capital expenditures for hardware can be a big investment. We work to provide you with reliable recommendations and considerations for the most cost-effective approach. Most importantly, we provide service and support to ensure that your hardware performs as desired. Don’t make hardware purchases without a trusted technology advisor. We can help!

FAQ:  10 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing IT Services

When outsourcing your technology to an IT provider, you’ll want to select a technology partner that has the knowledge and experience to execute a sound technology strategy.   Be sure to consider the following as you explore your options for outsourcing IT.

  1. What are the core services you provide for a business like mine?
  2. Do you have specific experience with my industry or niche?  Be sure to ask and talk with references.
  3. Is your team trained and certified on best practices and the latest technology?  How often?
  4. Communication & Support – Do you offer 24/7 support?  For companies that are primarily U.S. focused, will my call be answered by people who are English-speaking or have English as a second language?  Conversely, if your business has a global footprint, does the IT provider offer help desk support in other languages?
  5. What type of backup and recovery strategies will you use to ensure my business is up and running at all times?
  6. Be sure to review the Service Level or Master Service Agreement(s) to ensure that it is clear who owns your data
  7. Describe the level of experience of the team members that will be working with my business?
  8. How do you resolve service-based issues?
  9. How will you ensure that my data is safe and secure?
  10. How will you research new technology and ensure smooth implementation and integration of new technologies?

You may also be considering a Managed Service Provider (MSP).  Be sure to evaluate the experience and expertise of each potential provider!   We’ve developed a list of question to ask before choosing an MSP.  Be sure to check it out!

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