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Software and Hardware Advisors to Business

When it comes to purchasing software and hardware, there are literally millions of products and services to choose from. Without proper guidance, some businesses utilize an off-the-shelf product to fill a more complex need.  Other businesses invest thousands in custom software.  Many businesses will fail to recognize a slow creep in monthly or annual costs for software subscriptions without realizing that there are other more cost-effective options available. The worst case is that they end up with a product or service that puts their IT infrastructure at risk. As your go-to technology advisor, Conscious Networks can solve these issues by serving as a software and hardware advisor to help you make the best choices for technology in the short-term and for future growth initiatives.  Most importantly, these recommendations can ensure the integration and adaptation of your existing systems and processes.

software and hardware advisor

How We Can Help You With Recommendations

Over time, your business needs change. Companies often license software or purchase hardware that may meet today’s demands but is not adequate three years from now. This is a big cost control opportunity. In addition, since your business changes almost as frequently as technology changes, there may be newer technologies available that can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance performance. These opportunities are often overlooked, but they can negatively impact your bottom line.

Software Licensing

Once you’ve decided on software, you will need to navigate the licensing portion of the process. We can handle all the licensing requirements and exercise cost-controls, where indicated


If your business is steadily growing, then you need to have a server infrastructure that can accommodate that growth. We can perform an infrastructure assessment and make suggestions on new equipment based on your unique needs and requirements.

Laptops & Desktops

Whether you are adding a new employee, upgrading a device, or accommodating virtual workers, we can make recommendations on which machines are best for your business, based on the user, work environment, and job tasks.

Software Recommendations

Do you use an off-the-shelf (or cloud-based) software to meet a specific challenge or need? Is that particular software still needed? Have the user licenses expanded, or has the product been upgraded for more options? In some cases, a trial version converts to an annual license and is completely forgotten. In many of these cases, businesses will see an ongoing increase in monthly software fees over time. Unfortunately, many of these costs go unchecked. In addition, there may be newer technologies, sometimes at lower costs, that can better serve the user or company needs. Without regular evaluation, both costs and efficiencies can be adversely impacted. We help you evaluate your current software and/or make recommendations for enhancements.

Hardware Recommendations

Whether it’s a laptop, server, printer, or other piece of hardware, the annual capital expenditures for hardware can be a big investment. We work to provide you with reliable recommendations and considerations for the most cost-effective approach. Most importantly, we provide service and support to ensure that your hardware performs as desired. Don’t make hardware purchases without a trusted technology advisor. We can help!

Purchase & Acquisitions

Conscious Networks has established long-term relationships with most major manufacturers and software providers. In many cases, we have access to wholesale pricing as well. Not only can we assist you with recommendations for the proper solutions, but we also provide competitive pricing for the purchase and acquisition of any software and hardware products or services you require.

Technology Advisors for All Your Software & Hardware Needs

Software and hardware products and services can be unstable, exploit your infrastructure, or have a negative impact on other systems and processes. It’s also important to understand best practices for loss prevention and data security. These challenges can be overcome with a trusted technology advisor like Conscious Networks. We help you choose the software and hardware that are the best fit for your unique needs. We consider your processes, systems, and user requirements. We evaluate the stability of the product or service and ensure that it will work as intended, in your unique environment. We make software and hardware recommendations with a methodical and holistic approach so that the implementation and integration of new technology can be a smooth transition for your users and your overall operations.

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