Professional Services

Conscious Networks is designed to support our customers. We are not a sales oriented company and we are not a multi-layered management company. We are an organization composed of network people. We focus on moving ones and zeros down the wire, as the phrase goes. As a direct result, we are not burdened with the massive overhead of management teams and sales organizations. It also streamlines our entire decision making process, as such no more than one layer of management is required for approval. Those structures exist only to maintain the consistency of the high quality product that Conscious Networks provides to our clients. Each client team works as its own separate business unit within our organization allowing for autonomy of decision making and decentralization of costs. As part of the ongoing training within the Conscious Networks organization, we cross train between teams providing creative collaborative thinking and a depth of knowledge across our organization.

Conscious Networks takes a step-by-step approach to ensure our customers find the technology that fits their specific market, industry and business, while not straining budgets. We take a holistic, multi-faceted look at each solution. Rather than endorsing any one “plug-and-go” product, we dive into your IT environment to uncover key areas of improvement and remain vendor neutral to tailor a cost-effective solution specific to your unique requirements.

Architecture and Consulting

Conscious Networks can help with your office whether large or small. Our experience ranges from one person small offices to clients with over 40 offices nation wide averaging 5000 users at a location. Whatever the challenge in your office we can assist. Our team doesn’t have a box so we will not try and fit you into one. A wide variety of solutions including an operating system and hardware agnostic approach driving towards minimizing cost and maximizing uptime are utilized to deliver a custom tailored solution for each of our clients. After stabilizing your office we can provide break/fix and ongoing maintenance to deliver maximum efficiency from your technology footprint.

Infrastructure Tuning

Do you have an application that your team uses to manage their workflow? Is that application often a bottleneck to your team’s efficiency? Our team of seasoned experts can help diagnose the problem! We apply a bottom up strategy to find the bottleneck in the the application’s efficiency enabling your team to work at the pace set forth by management. We will document and recommend changes to your entire application stack from database servers, application servers, actual code, and security devices. Our team has deep technical experience across the entire stack, we will find and resolve all issues.

Remote & Onsite Helpdesk

Do you find it difficult to keep full time staff? Are there gaps in your full time staff’s knowledge? Do people go on vacation leaving a gap in service to the rest of the employees? Conscious Networks can resolve all of these problems, often at a lower total cost than bringing these services in house. Our team of certified and dedicated technology consultants can handle all your day to day technical operational concerns. Our 24/7 helpdesk can enhance your experience by having an always on solution. We offer these services in a variety of commitments, ranging from on demand hourly services through having multiple onsite experts.

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