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WHAT Is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Desktop As A Service (DaaS) simplifies the technology that your employees and users require every day.  How?  DaaS solutoins deliver virtual apps and desktop environments from a public or private cloud  to any device.  This service can be used for provisioning Windows based virtual desktops, secure SaaS, and even legacy applications.  This allows your organization to harness the power of technology while offering some unique cost and efficiency advantages. Conscious Networks hosts the infrastructure, network resources, data, storage, and streaming services on a cost-per-user subscription basis. This service can save organizations considerable capital while reducing support costs and offering important redundancies needed for day-to-day operations.  Learn how DaaS is different from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) below.

WHY Use DaaS?

Productivity and profitability are closely intertwined.  For the most productive workforce, your organization needs to provide employees easy access to their work, from anywhere, on any device. With DaaS, you can securely delivery the apps and desktop environments they need to any device. DaaS provides more security, faster setup and delivery, consistency and redundancy. Even better – it can free up your internal staff to focus on their core competencies.    With a holistic approach to technology, we work with you to understand your business and advise you on the best options for your specific requirements.  We also evaluate technology options for today – with an eye for future growth opportunities.


What Are the Benefits of DaaS Technology?

DaaS technology offers many benefits including:

Enhanced Security

Security risks are lower and inherently redundant since the data and resources are stored in our data center, not on a local device.

Security Updates

Security updates and new software upgrades can be pushed out to users instantaneously offering everyone immediate access to the best software versions available.

Free Up Your IT Department

With your desktops managed in the cloud, your IT staff is freed up to focus on other core competencies.  Conscious Networks takes care of security, updates, and other routine maintenance.

Scalability & Elasticity

You can scale your desktops based on the volume of users during peak demand or lower volume.  This approach also allows you to reduce costs, scale quickly, and reduce capital expenditures.  It also facilitates faster desktop deployment providing greater elasticity.

24/7 U.S. Based Support

Remote Help Desk support is easier and offers end users faster response and less downtime. Our 24/7 U.S. based support team effectively communicates with you to keep your users, your technology, and your business up and running.

Cost Savings

Since the software is cloud-based and the network is centrally located, lower-cost terminals can be used vs. purchasing traditional desktop or laptop configurations. They are often less expensive and use less power. For some environments, specifically retail and manufacturing, terminals can be a very effective way to distribute technology to multiple endpoints with lower overhead.

Faster Deployment & Decommissioning

A user’s desktop services are pre-configured to their user profile, so the employee can begin working as soon as they are hired. Just plug in the new terminal, log in, and all of the required services for their job are available. In addition, seasonal or transient workforces are easily scaled up or down with minimal effort.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) vs. DaaS

Virtual Desktops Infrastructure (VDI) is for organizations that are capable of investing in networks, storage, and infrastructure that is owned by the organization and hosted in a data center. This model is typically chosen for organizations that have a larger IT staff to handle deployment, connectivity, or help desk support.

DaaS is a similar model, but the service provider (i.e. Conscious Networks) provides all the infrastructure, set-up, and oversight. The organization only has to pay on a per-user basis, so the costs scale as the organization scales. So, DaaS, by its operational nature, has cost savings when compared to VDI.

The choice of VDI vs. DaaS should be evaluated carefully. There are viable applications for both services depending on your business needs. The daily operations of your business, the capital investments, and your IT support structure are often the primary decision factors. Conscious Networks provides support for either VDI or DaaS and can recommend the approach that is right for your situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

View case studies here to find out how these systems can have a positive impact on operations.

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