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What is Included In a Free Technology Assessment?

free technology assessmentToday’s businesses are constantly striving to protect their data, ensure that end users are not compromising the network, and utilize technology to enhance efficiencies and profitability.  The technology advisors at Conscious Networks offer a holistic approach to technology with our free technology assessment.  This assessment often includes discussion about your network infrastructure, cloud data management, current hardware and software, licensing, and backup and recovery strategies.  Our ultimate goal is to help you identify current pain points and solutions. In addition, we can help you consider technology options for the future.  This holistic approach can help solve problems, not just sell products and services.

We understand that the biggest challenge to integrating new technology in any business is understanding that not all technology results in more productivity.  We also recognize that one technology decision can have a ripple effect on your business – good or bad. A great solution for one department can cause integration issues or double-handling of data for another. The wrong technology can cost your business a great amount of time, money, and resources. So our technology advisors help business leaders make better technology decisions that seamlessly integrate your users, your clients, your infrastructure, and your business operations. We serve as technology advisors, first and foremost, while providing a wide array of technology services.

Our holistic approach to technology also considers your business growth initiatives to make the best recommendations.  Schedule your free technology assessment below.

Get Started with Your Free Assessment

We offer a Conscious Approach to technology and a wide range of technology services designed to keep your business running smoothly.  Choose the best way to get started below!

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