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What Is a Managed Desktop Service?

A managed desktop service, which is often distributed via a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) service, enables businesses to transfer virtual desktops and apps from the cloud to end-user locations or devices without the added stress of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management or deployment. Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) will help you manage your existing devices, hardware, and software. It can also provide the added benefits of endpoint security and monitoring.

What Are the Different Types of Managed IT Services?

The different types of desktop-managed services can include:

1. Cloud Data Service Management
2. Technology & IT Help Desk Support
3. Endpoint Security & EMMS Mobile device management
4. Security Monitoring & Infrastructure Anaylsis
5. Licensing & Update Management
6. On-site services & Backup Recovery Strategies
7. Infrastructure Support
8. Software & Hardware Recommendations & Process Evaluations
9. 24/7 Network Monitoring 
10. App compatibility


The Benefits of Managed Desktop Services

Whether your business has 10 or 10,000 employees, the benefits of Managed Desktop Services are hard to dispute. Having a trusted IT Managed Service Provider like Conscious Networks is invaluable. From a big picture perspective, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is substantially lower, overall security and infrastructure is enhanced, and the employee experience and productivity are much higher. But, wait – there’s more! Here is a quick overview of the Top 6 benefits of managed desktop services for business.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The direct and indirect costs associated with managed desktop services provides an overall lower TCO and often frees up internal resources for other tasks.

Reduced Complexity

With one source provider consistently sourcing, managing, and servicing all your hardware, software, and technology needs, there is an inherent level of standardization.

Increased Employee Engagement

Employees are more productive when they can focus their time and energy on their core competencies. When they need support, the team at Conscious Networks provides 5-star service and 24/7 technical support so they can get back to work quickly. Our support team is U.S. based so communication is easy and effective.

Business Agility & Scalability

When your business experiences rapid growth (or decline), it can be challenging to quickly scale technology and, even capital, to support those initiatives. Our managed desktop services are inherently scalable so your expense ratio only grows in proportion to your needs.

Improved Employee Performance

Giving your team members the tools they need to innovate and do their jobs productively is crucial. Conscious Networks managed desktop service solutions allow us to provide your employees with the best systems, applications, and devices they need when they need it. How? First, we work hard to understand each area of your business. Next, we look at processes, data sets, and technologies that are used by multiple business units. In many cases, we can recommend technology that can create more collaboration and less redundancy within your business. Finally, we source, integrate, and implement new technology for easy adoption. This seamless process enhances employee performance and productivity.

Hybrid Work Environments

In today’s virtual, hybrid, and in-the-office workspaces, managed desktop services eliminate many of the challenges faced in hybrid work settings. All users have access to the tools and resources they require, regardless of their physical location. They also have access to 24/7 support whenever, and wherever, they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Managed desktop services, DaaS, and IT service providers.

A managed desktop service allows an IT service provider to manage the applications, data, hardware and software for multiple users within a business, organization, or government entity.  There are a variety of services that can be provided and it’s important to evaluate the service provider, pricing structure, and security protocols to determine which provider can best serve your business.  While software companies like Microsoft and or providers like AWS provide a certain level of managed services, these solutions are not always holistic in nature.  A managed service provider can go one step further by evaluating all the applications your business may use and how they are integrated, and data is protected.  This is where a strong technology partner can be of tremendous value.

The different types of desktop-managed services include:

  1. Cloud service management
  2. Operating systems & patch management
  3. Software licensing
  4. Endpoint security & mobile device management
  5. Backup and recovery strategies
  6. Security monitoring
  7. Help Desk for end users
  8. On-site services
  9. Infrastructure support
  10. App compatibility & integration

By hiring a remote desktop services manager, you can offload the technology and resources required to support your business’ IT services. This model can often help you improve service quality, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and free your internal IT teams to do more specific tasks associated with your business. While there are services such as Microsoft Managed Desktop, hiring a virtual desktop service task manager can be a more efficient and effective option.

Managed Desktop Services and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some differences between these technology service offerings and the providers of such services.  DaaS is often a service provided as part of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  In a managed desktop setting, your technology provider may help manage the services for each user, their device (laptop, tablet, desktop) and additional services like providing a help desk and endpoint security monitoring.  Every business, and their users, has unique needs so it’s important to work with a technology partner that can holistically look at all of your needs to make the best recommendations.

The benefits of implementing a Managed Desktop environment are numerous, with the right technology provider.  This list should serve as a brief overview of the services you may want to consider.  Conscious Networks provides an entire suite of managed desktop services, with a holistic approach to technology, designed for the way your business works.

  • Allows users to utilize the specific tools, hardware, software and applications they need – in a safe and secure manner,
  • Provides additional levels of security to protect your users from spear-phishing, anti-spam and enhanced filtering capabilities – even for Gmail and Microsoft users.
  • Keeps your technology devices and end user environments secure and up-to-date,
  • Simplifies deployment and integration of technology,
  • Streamlines the procurement process for hardware, software and applications,
  • Enhances the software licensing process and ensures smooth integration between applications,
  • Provides a streamlined process for implementation of updates and routine maintenance,
  • Backup and recovery strategies for thew desktop that ensure that even if a user’s device is compromised, lost, or stolen, the company’s precious data can be recovered and restored promptly.
  • Provides end user support that is clear and effective and focused on productivity for your team.

Software licensing is a big headache for many businesses.  When you multiply the number of applications, software, and users in each business segment, you are likely spending a lot of time and resources on licensing, updates, and data storage.  It’s critical to ensure that your software productivity suite, document management systems, applications and processes are configured correctly and kept up to date, especially to protect your data and your network.  It’s also important that you have a technology provider to assist with perpetual licensed software and proprietary software updates and maintenance issues.

The purpose is to get an external party with knowledge and experience to remotely manage your end-user systems and customer information technology infrastructure. Furthermore, the purpose is to outsource certain day-to-day activities so that you can focus on more important business decisions. Therefore, it’s intended to help business decision-makers implement more sound and effective strategies. Desktop management services are often extremely beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations. One such example of the importance and purpose of these services is in the business enterprise space, where clients are often running Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage operations.  The applications that interact with the ERP need to be updated regularly as well.  In many ERP landscapes, especially modern financial applications, cloud-based and modern ERP solutions require real-time effective support to allow their users to respond quickly to markets and trends.  A trusted holistic technology provider, like Conscious Networks, can be an invaluable resource for these services.

When contemplating which provider will provide you the most value, it’s important to ask some questions with context for the answers provided.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. What services do you provide? You want to seek out a full service ‘holistic’ technology provider with a strong networking and infrastructure background.  Managed Services are typically just one component in a much larger picture.  At Conscious Networks, we believe everything starts with the network. We take a holistic approach to every issue, because ultimately one issue can impact other areas of your business. We are able to consider the long-term impacts of every decision to help you plan and strategically evaluate the most valuable options.  We can make recommendations and implement a variety of solutions including:  virtualized solutions, Cloud offerings to include IaaS, backup and recovery strategies, replication and redundancy, business continuity, systems monitoring, and 24/7 U.S. based Help Desk support. Our consultative approach helps you address today’s issues with an eye on the future to ensure growth is seamless and stress free.
  2. How do you bill for your services? Some providers offer low initial contracts to lure you in with significant upcharges for growth or data usage over time. At Conscious Networks, we have developed a transparent model with two core components, namely, a) Monthly Recurring and b) Time and Material.  The monthly recurring costs include the technology components and services that are best suited for your business such as monitoring, firewall management, endpoint security, IaaS, etc.  The time and material portion of our contracts relates to additional work to accommodate expansion or on-demand projects.  In this way, you are only paying the exact charge for work performed and there is a record of time and materials for any particular project.  We focus on building a relationship of trust and this is one way we work toward that goal.
  3. How do you provide support? We provide 24/7 Help Desk support which is US based.  The person you speak with has personal interest in your success and works toward resolution as quickly as possible.  The person you talk to is the one who will provide the fix you need, we don’t utilize overseas call centers.  We believe in personalized serve that gets to the root of an issue and fixes the problem without sending you to numerous contacts.
  4. Ask for client referrals? Your technology partner should be able to provide multiple clients you can contact regarding their experiences.
  5. How will you protect our data? Regardless of the scope of your project, protecting data should always be top of mind. At Conscious Networks, our cloud-based storage and retrieval systems update your data, in accordance with a schedule agreed upon for your business use.  We can also provide replication for redundancy to ensure there is always a copy of your data to restore.  We only charge for the data that changes and not the entire data transfer like some other systems.  Protection involves more than the B&R system and thus, our chosen security platform is implemented to ensure you are safe from malicious threats as well as infrastructure failures.
  6. What are the reasons why businesses choose Conscious Networks as an MSP or technology partner? Many MSP’s provide similar service portfolios with some differences in how those services are delivered but there are some unique considerations.  In any engagement that Conscious Networks undertakes, we DO NOT stick the client in our box and provide that as the solution. We methodically and consciously work with you to be solve your issue(s) with consideration for the larger picture.  Our no obligation systems audit will help us analyze your holistic technology environment and work with you to ensure your budgetary and operational needs are fully addressed.  Our personal commitment and dedication has convinced numerous organizations that we are the right technology partner for businesses DAAS/VDI – virtual device living in the cloud.

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