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What Is Cloud Data Management?

Cloud data management is the service provided to store a company’s data in the cloud (typically on an offsite server). Many organizations opt for cloud data management systems to reduce overall costs and improve workflow. Many organizations utilize cloud services, but may not effectively manage these services for collaboration, cost containment, or efficiencies. Conscious Networks can help!

cloud data management and warehouses for technology

Cloud Data Management or Cloud Data Warehouses

Cloud data management services offer a variety of features and tools that allow organizations to:

  • Scale data storage in rapidly-changing capacity or volume environments
  • Creates a strategy to handle automated backup and recovery
  • Ease of access from any location and file sharing
  • Technical support by the provider, reducing support and resources required for internal IT
  • Centralized data and single source of truth eliminating inconsistencies that can exist across platforms and data sets and enhance real-time data metrics
  • Simplification of test/dev environments for deploying new technologies or platforms
cloud data management for small business sme

Cloud Management for SMEs

In many small businesses, a variety of cloud services are utilized and adopted as the company grows. Cloud subscriptions to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box may begin to add up to large dollars over time. In some cases, these cloud services can be consolidated for cost savings or moved to another provider for more security.

In larger organizations, clients may see a significant rise in cost, based on the number of users, amount of data storage, or vendor-specific resource units. Speed and performance may also be a factor impacting efficiencies.

Technology and security are also major factors that every business must consider when choosing cloud data management services. Not all cloud services are created equally.

Custom Cloud Data Management With Conscious Networks

Conscious Networks provides a holistic approach to help you evaluate the best technology services for your business. As such, we can help you evaluate your current cloud data management systems for cost scaling and continuity with your business’ workflow and processes. We can also research and provide insight on newer technologies that may be better able to accommodate your specific business or industry requirements. Most importantly, we understand that any change to your current operations can be disruptive, so our recommendations are made with considerations for deployment and adoption factors. Conscious Networks provides Cloud Data Management support for businesses of all sizes and industries and can recommend the approach that is right for your situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

View our case studies here to find out how we help customers with Cloud Data Management services.

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