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Is Your Data Out There?

In today’s virtual world, much of the technology utilized by businesses is hosted in the cloud, on off-site servers, or accessed through a variety of other platforms and services. This can create vital collaboration between teams and allow businesses to access data in real-time. Conscious Networks can help your business integrate multiple cloud services, implement best practices for backup and recovery, ensure your data is secure, provide hosting services, and even evaluate internal processes to maximize licensing and productivity. We help you utilize technology beyond your office to support your business’ goals.

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A Holistic Approach to Technology

Your business is unique. Each team, within your organization, has their own complex processes and technology requirements. Often, your team needs to interact with data sourced online, from multiple cloud services, or through platforms used by other teams. Conscious Networks considers all the variables, holistically, to recommend technology that drives innovation, productivity, and analysis. We provide a comprehensive approach to technology that increases efficiencies and collaboration. Some of the services we provide include:

Choose an IT Technology Partner That Works for You

The founders of Conscious Networks believe that technology can be a great facilitator of innovation and productivity or, a challenge that consumes your time and resources. We partner with you to understand your business and provide recommendations, management, and oversight of technology for every aspect of your business. By outsourcing your systems to Conscious Networks, your business can rely on our extensive knowledge, bandwidth, and resources for scalable infrastructure that facilitates your business growth initiatives. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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