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Should You Choose A Data Center or Cloud Services?

Since technology is such a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, many businesses are evaluating data center vs. cloud-based models. At Conscious Networks, we believe the answer is not necessarily one or the other but, perhaps a hybrid model where the data resides in the data center with forward-facing information in the cloud. There are several benefits to this approach. They can include cost benefits, backup and recovery strategies, and ownership of data.  Our holistic approach to technology, and access to a wide array of resources, allows us to recommend the best technology strategy for your business.

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Are Cloud Services Less Expensive Than Data Centers?

The pricing structure of many cloud service models like AWS, Azure, etc. seems attractive, with variable pricing, unlimited licenses, storage, etc. However, this same variable pricing model can be problematic when CPU, RAM, and Disk IO costs are based on peak demand and can escalate quickly causing significant increases in average monthly costs. In some cases, cloud services may indeed be somewhat less expensive, but in a large majority of cases, a more comprehensive approach is required. We can help you evaluate the best options for your business.

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Who Owns Your Data?

In a data center model, you own your data, period. Whereas, the EULA for most cloud-service providers may allow your client data to be utilized for other purposes, outside your organization. Since 2020, there have been many class-action lawsuits filed against very large cloud providers for these policies. The average business may be lured by convenience or pricing but may be unaware or uninformed about the far-reaching impact of data ownership. For these reasons, it’s important to have a trusted technology advisor like Conscious Networks on your side, to help you make informed decisions about technology, cloud services, and the use and ownership of your data.

Data Centers Ensure a Solid Backup & Recovery Plan

Your data is perhaps the lifeline of your organization. Incorporating data centers into your overall technology strategy can create redundancy and help ensure that your data is secure. It is also a primary component for a solid backup and recovery plan. Conscious Networks can help you create a solid technology strategy to protect your data and minimize downtime.

Performance Pros & Cons

At Conscious Networks, time after time, our data centers outperform cloud-based services with increased uptime, redundancy, and annual cost analysis. In addition, it’s important to remember that cloud-based services are only as secure as your team’s knowledge since they require technical configurations within your infrastructure. These configurations can open your entire network to vulnerabilities. Don’t go it alone! Outsource your most valuable information and technology to a reliable technology provider that can help you create the best solutions for your data, productivity, and costs. Schedule a consultation today.


Enhanced Data Center Services

Data centers are just a small slice of the overall technology pie. At Conscious Networks, we provide enhanced data center services such as:


Colocation centers are sometimes referred to as “carrier hotels.” Essentially, you can rent our equipment, space, and bandwidth. It is especially useful for retail and commercial clients without a strong technological infrastructure of their own. If you need colocation, we are the go-to specialists.

Internet Connectivity

Increasing your bandwidth can make a significant difference in your ability to serve your clients. So, it is essential to work with a company that can accommodate increased bandwidth speeds. Our data center is perfect for clients who have slow-running systems and need a boost to expand their business and satisfy their clients.

Infrastructure as a Service

Also referred to as IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud computing service. It allows enterprises and companies to rent or lease our servers for their own purposes. Using rented servers can help with costs, especially overhead costs (since we house the servers at our locations.)

On Premise Backups

Your data is backed up fast, regularly, and is easily recovered with on-premise backups.

24/7 Network Monitoring

We help ensure that your network is not only up-and-running, but well protected from the latest threats. By utilizing real-time threshold based monitoring of critical server metrics like network connectivity, server performance, and storage performance, you can rest assured your network is operating at peak efficiency.

Contact Conscious Networks Today

Technology, data, and productivity are important components of business profitability. You cannot afford to place your valuable data in the hands of a faceless provider. Trust the team at Conscious Networks to assess your needs and stand behind their recommendations. We’ll even give you direct access to the engineers, programmers, and our support team. Bet you won’t get that from a cloud service provider! While you’re waiting on hold with them, schedule a consultation with us today!

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