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Brent Doherty

Brent Doherty



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Many technologists refer to themselves as infrastructure “architects.”  Brent Doherty actually was an architect before the Conscious Networks founder turned to the technology field 20 years ago. Brent Doherty graduated from architecture school then worked for an architecture and design firm where he was bitten by the tech bug. Utilizing technology to enhance the productivity and capabilities of the firm, he developed an interest in tech-driven solutions, leading him down a new career path.

The discipline of architecture provided Brent with a unique understanding of the importance of a cohesive, well-planned foundation in a technology solution, and he has solved many problems for clients who have come to Conscious Networks with performance issues caused by patchwork technology fixes batched on overtime. Brent’s background in professional services and formal training in the disciplines of project management and design are key reasons for Conscious Networks earning a reputation for responsiveness to client needs.

Brent’s professional focus is to always be one step ahead of customer needs. He is very active in the onboarding of new clients and enables existing clients to thrive through scalability as their service needs grow or contract. Brent’s experience provides the technical background to evaluate and recommend the best networking solutions, along with the focus on customer needs to build long-lasting relationships with Conscious Networks’ clients.