Cloud Services

Cloud Services from Conscious Networks provide our hallmark complete flexibility, total control, and dedicated support – whether you need a private internal or external solution. Enjoy the OS and device control that come with traditional colocation without the risks, responsibilities, and inconveniences of managing them yourself. Our virtualization and cloud solutions are geared to improve your team’s efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs without sacrificing performance, security, or existing investments.

Managing your IT infrastructure can be a challenge in itself, but when your data expands it can become a real struggle to keep pace. With our Cloud Services, you’re no longer chained to the physical hardware, the network, the datacenter, the pager and the 2 a.m. emergencies. Your talent and money will be freed up to focus on activities that drive revenue, and your business.

24x7 Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service provides 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and reporting services that provide us with the information, data, network performance trending analysis, and security vulnerability information which are critical to efficiently manage, monitor, and maintain your IT investment. It not only ensures you have a qualified team properly equipped to comprehensively manage your IT assets, but also provides real-time data essential to effectively respond, plan, and maintain all your IT environments.

File Hosting

Not everyone can afford a file server for data storage and retrieval. Conscious Networks’ file hosting is used by organizations small and large due to the flexibility that it provides. File hosting is a dynamic challenge that grows and contracts over time, our platform is agnostic of our clients actual usage as it dynamically allocates space in real time to each tenanted client. Access is securely provided using the same technology used to secure your credit card information when using ecommerce sites. In case of some disaster we have multiple levels of reudundancy including replication to offsite servers. We provide access to your data residing in our facilities in either a replicated fashion or directly via a mapped drive on your computer.

Email Hosting

Using a professional email hosting service from Conscious Networks delivers greater peace of mind than the free offerings you may currently be using. Conscious Networks offers a rich set of mail features including large attachments, robust spam/virus protection, calendars, whitelists, blacklists, backups, archiving, folder management, and so much more. You will be able to access your email from anywhere using webmail, smartphone and your favorite email client such as Outlook.

Desktop Management

Desktop management is service that allows the proper administration of a variety of desktop resources. It is made up of software tools that will help secure and maintain end user devices to minimize time and manage costs while providing a simple, fast and reliable desktop performance. These tools include anti-virus, anti-malware, realtime data backup, geolocation and patch management. All of the these lead to a properly functioning desktop that will allow for greater efficiency of employees in performing their daily responsibilities.

Remote Backup

Information is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and it gets more difficult to manage every day. Conscious Networks Remote Backup securely stores in the our secure facilities the data you generate from servers, databases, enterprise applications, mobile devices, cloud applications, and virtual machines. Should you ever need to recover your data, Conscious Networks combines the rapid recovery time of a private cloud application with the cost savings, compliance, and scalability of a public solution. At the same time, our solution requires no onsite equipment, and integrates all data-protection into a secure, accountable, offsite solution for the setup, monitoring and management of all your data backups.

Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private server (VPS) is one that is partitioned so that it has its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. What, exactly, does this mean? A physical server is divided into various spaces that create virtual servers. The account holder who is put on the virtual server sees only their virtual environment and can reboot their server or use it as if it was their own dedicated server. VPS hosting allows you to leverage all the advantages of virtualization without the investment in the necessary hardware and software. VPS plans can be customized to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any features you will never need. You can start off in your virtual environment with the minimum amount of resources you need and then as you grow gradually increase your hosting plan to accommodate your needs. You do not have to pay for excessive resources you have not yet grown into. You will have full control over your server allowing you with direct access to the operating system. You can choose from semi managed hosting where Conscious Networks handles some maintenance and fully managed services.

Business Continuity

As part of the business continuity process an organization will normally develop a series of DRPs. These are more technical plans that are developed for specific groups within an organization to allow them to recover a particular business application. The most well known example of a DRP is the Information Technology (IT) DRP. The typical test for a DR Plan for IT would be; ” if we lost our IT services how would recover them?” IT DR plans only deliver technology services to the desk of employees. It is then up to the business units to have plans for the subsequent functions. A mistake often made by organizations is that ‘we have an IT DR Plan, we are all ok “. That is not the case. You need to have a Business Continuity Plan in place for critical personnel, key business processes, recovery of vital records, critical supplier’s identification, contacting of key vendors and clients etc.
It is critical that an organization clearly defines what sort of plan it is working on. It is one of the first questions that we will ask as it defines the approach that needs to be taken and the processes required. We are very familiar with both types of plans, we know the process and profiles and can consult and assist your organization. Business Continuity Planning is best described as the processes and procedures that are carried out by an organization to ensure that essential business functions continue to operate during and after a disaster. By having a BCP, organizations seek to protect their mission critical services and give themselves their best chance of survival. This type of planning enables them to re-establish services to a fully functional level as quickly and smoothly as possible. BCPs generally cover most or all of an organization’s critical business processes and operations.
Conceptually the thinking for the test of if it is a Business Continuity Plan is; “if we lost this building how would we recommence our business?”

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