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How can a business have too much technology?  The popular phrase, “There’s an App for that” has overwhelmed many users and left IT staff struggling to support these systems.  Simplifying your technology can create efficiencies and free up your staff and resources.  So, how do you utilize the latest technology while also ensuring that your users and network are not overwhelmed?  Let’s explore.

A Plethora of Options

One of the biggest concerns for many businesses is staying in front of technology.  Almost every business is interested in doing things faster, more efficiently, and evaluating data in real-time.  But, for any given technology, there are a myriad of options to consider, and integration, user adoption, and training are all important considerations. Every technology has pros and cons, but statistics show that engagement and adoption rates increase when technology is simple to use.  Here are a just a sample of the questions that must be considered with each new app, software, platform incorporated into the business environment:

  • What is the associated cost (per user, per month, per device, etc.) and how will these costs escalate over time?
  • What is the Return on Investment, and will it justify the cost, deployment and support investment? (Yes, technology should have an associated ROI)
  • How secure is the technology and does it make your network more vulnerable to attacks? Or, on the contrary, is it so secure that it creates an unfriendly user experience?
  • How does the technology integrate or impact existing platforms and processes?
  • Will it enhance or complicate not only the core business, but all the other business units within the organization?
  • Ultimately, will the technology help you grow revenue while reducing complexity in your technology stack?

Integration of Too Much Technology

There is almost no way to make everything work well together, all the time, and for everyone.  When you introduce too much technology, you may have a lot to lose.  You may lose consistency or accuracy of your data.  You may lose resources who are now tasked with supporting all that technology and inevitably, it’s users.  You may be paying for licenses that are no longer utilized with the transition of staff, processes, and time. As you upgrade your network or hardware, you may find that some software or applications require far more resources than newer consolidated technologies.  All of these factors must be considered when asking considering whether you have too much technology.


Deployment of new technology has occurred at breakneck speeds since 2020.  Some of these deployments were well thought out, while others were rolled out quickly to solve immediate needs.  We all adapted quickly to the repercussions of the pandemic, but is a two-edge sword.

Every time a new technology is deployed, considerations for deployment may impact user adoption, integration with existing processes and software, and support. Brent Doherty, Founder of Conscious Networks says, “It’s important that business leaders recognize the impact of introducing a new technology.  While one program or app can provide a quick solution to an existing problem, it may create a ripple effect across the organization.”  Deploying new technologies or updating existing technologies can have a ripple effect, so it’s important to undertake any technology changes with a methodical approach.  The team at Conscious Networks often consults with clients on best practices, test environments, and overall implications (or ripple effect) of technology on the business, as a whole.  Consolidation of technology is another important consideration, and we’ll explore this in a future article.

If you need help simplifying or consolidating technology, Conscious Networks is here to help!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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Cyber Security & Cyber Insurance guide cover

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